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TropIKA : News from Farmabrasilis - April 2010


19 Apr 2010


News from Farmabrasilis


Posted by: Paul Chinnock - Editorial Team


Farmabrasilis is a non-governmental, non-profit research network bringing together Brazilian, Chilean, American and European scientists and people devoted to the research and development of new medicines and technologies for the benefit of economically disadvantaged populations and individuals affected by neglected diseases. Our goals are:

1) Build a new model for pharmaceuticals

2) Create and disseminate new strategies for research and development of medicines and related technologies in favour of economically disadvantaged populations

3) Expand and ensure the development of technologies to support translational research

4)Transfer the production technology of our products free of charge for use by neglected diseases and populations.


 The main focus of the work of Farmabrasilis has been the development of the immunomodulator P-MAPA.


Although this compound was originally intended for cancer treatment and has been shown to have anti-tumour activity, P-MAPA also modulates the production of interferon-gamma and interleukin-10, known to be key substances in the body’s defences against TB, malaria and other infectious diseases. This had led Farmabrasilis to put forward a new approach to treating patients with these conditions - including those co-infected with HIV - which would involve attempting to re-establish patients’ immunocompetence by adjuvant immunotherapy with P-MAPA.


Farmabrasilis welcomes contact with other individuals and organizations interested in the further development of the proposed approach.


Tests carried out by Tuberculosis Antimicrobial Acquisition and Coordinating Facility (TAACF) under contract signed by Farmabrasilis and US NIAID has shown that P-MAPA is active against M. tuberculosis in vivo.
The results are detailed at: http://www.farmabrasilis.org/todos_conteudos_interna.php?idioma=eng&id=276.


This information supports the Farmabrasilis proposal to fight TB and other infectious diseases, launched in 2009 at Stop TB Partners Forum. The new therapeutic approach to treating patients with diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria, including those co-infected with HIV, consists of re-establishing the patients’ immunocompetence by adjuvant immunotherapy with P-MAPA.


The proposal is detailed at: http://www.farmabrasilis.org/pesquisa_desenvolvimento_interna.php?idioma=eng&id=255


We are open to new collaborations in order to conclude the development of P-MAPA (a detailed description of this compound’s biological properties is at: http://www.farmabrasilis.org/interna_periodicos_publicacoes.php?idioma=eng&id=149).


An article about Farmabrasilis in the TropIKA.net blog last year produced several highly supportive comments.

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