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Licenciamentos de Produtos

All the products and processes under development or already developed by Farmabrasilis,  are protect by Brazilian and international law -- patents and trademarks.


Scientific data, including laboratory reports and scientific papers, are protected by copyright.


When appropriate, our medicines can be licensed without royalties in order to allow their use by populations that would otherwise be unable to purchase them.


Thus, our product licensing policy includes the possibility of royalty-exempt production by public and other non-profit organizations in the case of neglected diseases and poor populations.


In other words, Farmabrasilis is prepared to offer manufacturing know-how of medicines, free of cost, for the benefit of neglected diseases and populations.


We do, however, expect the recipients to fulfill some conditions, in order to ensure that the offer is taken in the same spirit as it is being proposed, i.e., that no party unduly takes advantage of it.


Farmabrasilis will extend this offer at its own discretion, and reserves the right to require payment of royalties when it judges that no humanitarian action is needed or possible. 

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